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Become a Sponsor/CRO of Choice Through eConsent

Site enablement platforms are revolutionizing the industry by providing sites with the flexibility needed to support multiple use cases, promote remote accessibility, and streamline patient processes.

Sponsors and CROs can harness the power of technology for the most critical part of clinical trials: patient engagement and experience. Deploying an eConsent solution to your sites reduces site burden and can increase patient access to support DCTs, DE&I, and participant recruitment.

Join us as we shine a new light on the future of consenting, how focusing on patient engagement drives decisions for Sponsor of Choice, and the critical features you don't want to leave out of your eConsent tool.

In this webinar recording, we will cover:

- The impact of site-first technology on CRO/Sponsor of Choice
- The value of linked systems
- How the consenting process influences study timelines and participant experience
- How eConsent empowers sites to provide flexibility for unique participant needs