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Emerging Business Models in Clinical Research as a Result of Technology Innovation

Innovation in technology leads to innovation in business. There are already signs of these business innovations emerging across the research operations landscape. CROs are offering new types of services that link pharma companies digitally with their study sites, while new types of sites and site networks are emerging that use technology to link geographically dispersed sites.

In this session, you’ll hear from business leaders on how to take advantage of emerging technologies to redefine how you build your business strategy and help you answer the questions:

- How will you hire differently?
- How will you package services differently?
- How will you expand your offerings differently?

- Suzanne Kincaid, Chief Operating Officer (COO) at Aperio Clinical Outcomes
- John Campbell, Head of Decentralized Trials at Walgreens
- Jonathan Rosenbaum, Investor at Insight Partners
-  Ryan Jones, CEO at Florence (Moderator)