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The Roadmap to eRegulatory for Clinical Research eBook

Insights gleaned from working with over 10,000 research sites active in Florence eBinders.

Roadmap to eRegulatory eBook

You will learn how to:

  • Establish eRegulatory Goals for your Organization
  • Define Critical Workflows
  • Optimize Workflows for eRegulatory
  • Update SOPs for FDA and Sponsors
  • Train your Team on Workflow-Specific SOPs
  • Onboard New Studies and Measure Success
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Establish Goals

evaluate organizational goals and bottlenecks, determine important eRegulatory functionality

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Optimize Workflows and SOPs

step-by-step guide on how to create ciritcal workflows and SOPs for FDA and Sponsors

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Measure Success

train your team, onboard new studies, analyze metrics

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Clinical Research Sites today must scale their processes to manage increasing study demand and protocol complexity.

eRegulatory is the natural first step in implementing scalable and compliant processes. However, workflow complexities of clinical research can often hinder adoption of digital tools.

After hundreds of clinical research site eBinder implementations, our team has assembled this free guide of Best Practices for eRegulatory Transition.

Guide your organization to success.