Free Download: Five Steps to User Adoption of eRegulatory

A proven five-step process for accelerating and encouraging user adoption of eRegulatory.

Introducing new technology into clinical trial workflows may seem technically complex. However, for most sites the barriers to adding time-saving technology to their operations are not related to technical implementation, instead, challenges lie in motivating user adoption of the solution.

After helping over 2,000 clinical trial teams launch Florence for eRegulatory, we’ve developed best practices for clinical trial organizations to use when moving their team from traditional paper and fragmented technology workflows to a fully electronic and purpose-built eRegulatory platform.

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An Overview of the Five Steps

User Adoption of eRegulatory - Step 3 - Focus

Build a Tiger Team

Recruit a small team representing different areas of the organization.

User Adoption of eRegulatory - Step 1 - Build a Team

Run a Beta Launch

Keep a scorecard to track key workflows and expose problems.

User Adoption of eRegulatory - Step 3 - Focus

Focus at First

Pick a small workflow, such as credential management, and require everyone to adopt it.

User Adoption of eRegulatory - Step 3 - Focus

Validate Your Processes

Client-specific eRegulatory processes require their own validation.

User Adoption of eRegulatory - Step 3 - Focus

Celebrate Your Success

Show off usage statistics to prove that the processes are working.