Wasted Effort in Study Startup

Curious how sites are using the tool today? Since last year we’ve partnered with over 400 sites in their transition to digital eRegulatory and eSource workflows. Recently we’ve done our homework and identified and analyzed the most common workflow trends in use seen amongst sites.

A typical startup filing task in a physical binder takes 8.39 minutes. In eBinders, filing took 3.43 minutes per task — a time savings of 5 minutes per task. Florence eBinder sites saved up to 333 hours of startup filing time across 4,000 folders created this month alone.

In this webinar, you’ll get an in-depth look into how sites are saving time digital startup workflows, including:

  • What are the most common tasks completed?
  • Who’s using the tool most often?
  • How much do sites rely on the tool, and who’s getting the most value from it? What are the most common tasks completed?
  • And so on…

Date: Tuesday, June 20

Time: 2PM Eastern / 11AM Pacific

Please send specific questions you would like addressed to info@florencehc.com.

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eBinder Preview