Paper logs are more than a pain.
They are a barrier to patient safety and data quality.

Learn how Florence has reinvented logs with an entirely digital end-to-end workflow. Never hunt down a paper DOA log again and more importantly, increase quality and free your time to focus on your study participants.

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Introducing, Florence eLogs. Now a part of the Florence eBinders enterprise solution.
Florence eLogs helps you reimagine outdated and aggravating workflows freeing you to focus on what’s important.

With two distinct workflows, you can eliminate wasted time waiting for wet ink signatures, ensure data quality, and drive team accountability.

Explore the benefits below and walk through our eDOA example that solves one of the most common pain points we hear at the research site.

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Nothing about your work is ordinary. Your technology shouldn’t be either. 

Drive Standardized Flexibility

Admin-controlled organizational log templates, ensure that your study logs are consistent. But with study-specific customization and “living log” features, the flexibility needed to adapt to protocols, research teams, DOA changes, and especially log types, is built-in and seamless.

Enhance Visibility

A digital log workflow enables never-before-seen levels of visibility into log status, log digital signature requests, and individual accountability. See missing signatures, track productivity and view detailed audit trails down to individual log entries and changes.

Empower Cross-Collaboration

End-to-end digital workflows complete with eSignatures expand solutions to additional departments and simplify Principal Investigator oversight. Clinical logs designed to record patient and participant data transform to a secure and streamlined workflow that enhances quality and frees time.

Boost Quality and Reduce Errors

Powerful version control features capture (and easily display) edits to individual log lines with no legibility issues. For a DOA log, this means fewer errors and simpler management. A designated authority can also sign-off on each individual entry as they are completed or all at one time.

Drive digital log workflows every team member will value. 

In this example, we showcase how the DOA workflow is completely reinvented from organizational template creation through individual entry and finally, Principal Investigator sign-off. Clunky Adobe formatting, incorrect versions, illegible entries, and endless wasted hours managing paper are things of the past with Florence eLogs. See Florence eLogs in action.

Don’t limit your imagination to an eDOA, Florence eLogs can also support logs such as:

  • Adverse Events Log
  • Informed Consent Version Log
  • Screening/Enrollment logs
  • Training Logs
  • And more…
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I love that your company invests back in your customers and that you care about what we do.

Heather Manley, MS, LPC
Director of Research at Clinvest Research

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