Download: Guide to Successful Change Management in Clinical Trials

Your guide to building a successful organizational change management plan that maximizes return on investment of new clinical trial technology.

Purchasing the right software solution for your research site is only half the battle. The other half – and arguably the more important half – is driving successful organizational change management.

An effective Organizational Change Management plan is not only relevant for introducing new technology but also can be used for any organizational change you need to implement.

This guide harnesses in-depth industry research, as well as real-world examples Florence has uncovered working with over 6,000 clinical trial teams who have moved to an eRegulatory platform.

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The goal of change management is not to eliminate the life cycle of change; it is to reduce the amount of time someone spends in the valley of depression.

Three Elements of a Successful Change Management Program

Clear Processes

An effective change management plan has systematic processes that mitigate risks and leverages change as a resource for project success.

Defined Steps

OCM has actionable, process-driven effort with defined work streams of activities and tasks. Clearly defined milestones support concise step-by-step timelines.

Measurable Results

OCM has templates, forms, checklists, and quality measurements that drive the benchmark and measure the process.