Download: Benefits of an Open API in eClinical Software

Avoid being locked into a single clinical trial software and encountering future bottlenecks by ensuring integration of best-in-class platforms.

To maximize the benefits of eClinical platforms, it is essential the stakeholder (i.e., Clinical Trial Team, Research Site, CRO, or sponsor) understands the impact specific core capabilities have on their current and future operations.

One of the essential capabilities an eClinical stakeholder must ensure exists is the ability to integrate with other systems through Open APIs – or, more simply, that their electronic systems can “talk” to other systems now and in the future.

In this whitepaper, you will learn:

  • Basics of an Open API
  • Benefits of an Open API for your Research Team
  • Ten Questions to Ask Current and Future Vendors about their API Strategy
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An Open API enables a best-in-class system to perform its independent functions while remaining interconnected to other best-in-class systems.