Leading up to the Association of Clinical Research Professionals Annual Meeting in Washington D.C., Florence announced over 2,000 clinical trial teams are now actively managing the eRegulatory and eSource for 600+ Pharmaceutical and Medical Device studies in its eBinders solution.

Founded in 2015, Florence partnered with innovative clinical trial sites with the combined goal of eliminating site-based clinical trial operational delays through easy-to-use and adaptable software. The need remains real: While other healthcare segments have progressed toward integrated digital processes, clinical trials continue to stagnate, instead relying on a mix of paper binders and fragmented electronic systems.

The adoption of eRegulatory and eSource solutions progressed slowly in 2015 and 2016 as sites waited to see if the technology had a proven return on investment. As the positive impact became evident in early research sites, the industry moved: 2017 saw a nearly 300 percent growth in research sites moving to Florence eBinders.

With over 2,000 clinical trial sites now managing eRegulatory for 600 plus pharmaceutical and medical device sponsored studies in Florence eBinders, we are seeing a significant acceleration of clinical trial start-ups – ultimately advancing the delivery of the next breakthrough therapeutic.



Research sites fully invested in Florence eBinders see an average of 20 percent faster study start-up time and up to 40 percent reduction in document cycle time – enabling sites to scale study capacity without increasing operating staff. This data comes from internal Florence analysis across over 600 studies spanning every major disease area.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device sponsors using Florence eHub, Florence’s new solution for bridging sites and sponsors, capture up to 25 days reduced study start-up time – potentially saving millions of dollars and getting a new drug or device to market earlier and thereby saving lives. Additionally, sponsors can minimize compliance risk by instantly measuring and reacting to compliance issues through a permanent digital connection to their trail sites.

With over 2,000 sites and 600 studies sponsors now active inside the Florence eBinders and eHub network, 2018 is promising to be a pivotal year in “going paperless” in clinical trial operations and work-flows. For more information, contact the Florence team at info@florencehc.com.

About Florence

Florence advances clinical trials with through software for managing document and data flow between research sites and sponsors. Florence eBinders is trusted by 2,000+ research teams for eRegulatory/eSource management, and Florence eHub is revolutionizing site-sponsor connectivity in a shared work-space for start-up, monitoring, and quality control with over 600 studies managed.

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