eBinders for Study Sponsors & CROs

Florence eBinder Suite™ enhances sponsor relationships with sites through centralized monitoring and document sharing. Document access is easier on sites and monitors: a recent test showed that monitoring tasks take 57% less time with our tool than with traditional research binders and scanning, faxing and emailing.

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Advance to eRegulatory & eSource

Help sites avoid document chores associated with scanning, faxing and emailing by providing software infrastructure.

Enroll Faster with Software Automation

Use Florence eBinder Suite™ to find patients in need and activate targeted study sites unreachable with traditional approaches.

Launch Remote Monitoring

Launch eRegulatory and eSource studies and access site data remotely.

Why Choose Florence

Florence is a team of clinicians, research professionals, and technologists working to improve communications between sites and sponsors. Our solution starts by eliminating workflow bottlenecks at sites and then uses those improvements to help sponsors realize remote monitoring—reducing uncertainty between visits, delivering cost savings, increasing compliance and improving site-sponsor relationships.

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