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/Partners: INVESTED Multicenter Study

Partners: INVESTED Multicenter Study

Partners HealthCare

Partners is a nonprofit healthcare hub and a national leader in biomedical research. They are the third largest recipient of NIH research funding in the country, managing over 1,600 research studies, driving total research activity of over $1.5 billion in 2015.


The INVESTED trial based at Partners studies influenza vaccinations and their effect on flu-infected patients with cardiovascular conditions. The study population consists of 9,300 adult patients across over 100 investigational sites. The results of this trial have the potential to reduce influenza-related morbidity in individuals with high-risk cardiovascular disease.

The Challenge

The INVESTED research team needed to accelerate study startup across hundreds of sites without overburdening the site staff. “In planning for INVESTED, we wanted to remain true to the trial’s core simplicity and pragmatism by making sure there was a low site burden for participation in our trial,” said Gillian Lockwood, Information Security Program and Policy Administration Manager at Partners.

“eBinders Made It Easier”

“eBinders made it easier to manage the large number of sites in our trial” says Lockwood.  The eBinder Suite™ makes managing clinical trial regulatory and source documents across multiple sites simple and compliant.

“Overall eBinders Increased Our Efficiency”

“Because regulatory document collection and tracking is often more time consuming than conducting the trial itself, we decided early on to make use of digital site management tools,” says Lockwood. The INVESTED team can now see what documents are missing and request them from the site without ever using email or referring to a paper filing method. Similarly, as long as site coordinators have access to the Internet, they have access to the right version of each key trial document the instant it becomes available.

Key eBinders Capabilities

While there are “countless useful features,” Lockwood cites the following as her team’s favorites:

  • The clear aesthetic and user-friendly interface of the website and clinical trial regulatory templates
  • The ability to assign tasks associated with a document
  • The availability of expiration and due dates to documents
  • The ability to download entire binders of documents with one click of a button.

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