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Ryan started his career at BCG and then became Product Manager for Microsoft Sharepoint. Before founding Florence he was President of Pubget, which had 600 medical centers and 6 of the 10 largest pharmas as customers. Pubget, Microsoft, BCG, University of California-Berkeley, Dartmouth College
16 12, 2014

What’s really happening with Risk Based Monitoring and trial sites?


Is Risk Based Monitoring a help? Depends on where you sit in the clinical trial process. For example, in a recent Wall Street report, a CRO boasts: “20,000 sites and 250,000 patients now remotely monitored using award winning technology.” Meanwhile, the Florence Healthcare team met with dozens of sites around the world this quarter, and here’s [...]

4 12, 2014

We’ve hit “Peak EHR,” now what?


Today electronic health records are now entrenched in the care experience after a painful adoption cycle. In fact, the last ten years were the decade of EHR adoption, with penetration growing from 17% to nearly 80% over the period, according to the CDC. EHR Adoption Affordable Care Act mandates drove this growth more recently (here [...]