Monthly Archives: May 2015

26 05, 2015

Risk Based, Remote, and Centralized Monitoring in Clinical Trials


The Florence team just got back from the MAGI conference where we spoke on clinical trial site operational efficiency and the impact that monitoring queries have on sites. In our session and throughout the conference we heard the question: What is the difference between Risk-Based, Remote-Based, and Centralized Monitoring in clinical trials? Free White Paper - How Centralized Monitoring is Impacting Clinical [...]

21 05, 2015

Paper Shadow Charts: The Hidden Barrier to eSource


The benefits of eSource - where trial data remains electronic from start through data lock - are well understood. They include the elimination of transcription errors (shown by Nham et al to be 10x more accurate), reduction in duplicitous effort and monitoring requirements, and easier query resolution. With clinical EHR adoption nearing 90%, digital data [...]